The Warehouse Bangkok is perfectly situated amongst many historical attractions. It is where you will rediscover the classic grandeur of old town Bangkok living. From here, you can leisurely stroll to these amazing nearby attractions.

/ Attractions

Sanam Luang or the Royal Grounds
Situated north of the Grand Palace, Sanam Luang, also known as the Field of Kings, is a vast area traditionally used as the site for cremation ceremonies for the royal family members. At present, it is one of the venues for carrying out important activities and events connected to the royal family members and the government. Open to the public, Sanam Luang brings visitors the delights of witnessing the local lifestyle.
Phra Athit Area
This area, situated on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, will impress visitors with its many attractions such as Santichaiprakarn Park, piers, fortresses, and traditional as well as modern restaurants, to name a few.
Khao San Road
Khao San Road is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand, especially during Songkran, the well-known water splashing festival. This famously bustling short street has practically everything you need, from travel agents, budget accommodations, pubs, bars, and restaurants to souvenir and handicraft shops, or even street hairdressers! With its lively and fun atmosphere, Khao San Road is becoming increasingly popular among not only travelers but also locals. If New York is the melting pot of America, then Khao San Road may be said to be the melting pot of Thailand.
Sao Ching Cha or the Giant Swing
Sao Ching Cha, one of Bangkok’s important landmarks, has remained standing through the ups and downs of the nation for more than 200 years. Situated in front of Wat Suthat, the Giant Swing was traditionally used in the Brahmin swing ceremony. However, the custom was discontinued due to several fatal accidents, leaving the emblematic object as a remembrance of the past.
The Democracy Monument
The Democracy Monument was erected to commemorate the momentous transformation of Thailand from an absolute to constitutional monarchy. Not only does the monument represent perhaps the most significant political change of the country, but its location, Central Ratchadamnoen Road, has also born witness to many key events that occurred in the aftermath of the change during the last century.
The Vimanmek Palace
Also called the Vimanmek Mansion, this is the world’s largest golden teak building and served as the royal residence during 1902-1906. Despite its architecture reflecting western influences, the palace was constructed according to two core traditional beliefs - that teak or “sak” is a holy wood as its name is a homophone of “Sak” or “Sakka”, the King of the devas, and that not a single nail be used but that the various wood pieces be joined by tenons instead.


Museum Siam
This was Thailand’s first museum to exhibit our history, culture, and society through modern interactive multimedia. Here, you’ll find out more about who we are, from the very beginnings up to the present. Take the opportunity to learn more about Thailand at Museum Siam.
The National Museum
The largest museum in Southeast Asia, the National Museum is a place dedicated to the preservation of the nation’s cultural heritage which is reflected in its large collections of art and artifacts.
The Nithasrattanakosin Museum or the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall
The museum serves as Thailand’s most comprehensive center of information regarding the history, art, and culture of the Rattanakosin era. Besides permanent exhibitions, the Nithasrattanakosin Museum also houses event halls for use by educational institutions and private organizations interested in holding art or culture related events.


Wat Phrakaeo or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha
This is the royal temple in the compound of the Grand Palace. Enshrined at the temple is the most sacred Buddha image in Thailand, Phrakaeo Morakot, or officially Phra Puttha Mahamani Rattana Patimakon or the Emerald Buddha in English. In addition to the highly revered Buddha image, the temple is internationally renowned for its unsurpassed exquisite Ramayana murals, said to stretch further than any other in the world. At present, the temple is used for important royal functions. However, it is also open for the public to have the chance to appreciate this cultural symbol of the country.
Wat Rajanaddaram and the Loha Prasat
Wat Rajanaddaram, meaning royal niece, was constructed on the orders of King Rama III in remembrance of H.M. Queen Sommanus Vattanavadi, his dearest granddaughter. The temple is best known for the Loha Prasat or the Brazen Palace, the third of its kind in existence, replicating ones in India and Sri Lanka. Its 37 metal spires represent the 37 virtues leading to enlightenment.
Wat Sudasana Dhevararam
Exceptional for having the largest ordination hall in Thailand and an 800-year old Buddha image, the temple was built on the orders of King Rama I. Now this royal temple honoring King Rama VIII is open for the public to attend the morning and evening chanting sessions.
Wat Saket Rajavaramahavihara
Called Wat Saket for short, the temple houses a remarkably large number of Buddha and other sacred images. Visitors will be astonished at the jaw-dropping beauty of the murals here.
Phu Khao Thong or the Golden Mount
A prominent man-made hill topped by pagodas at Wat Saket, Phu Khao Thong is one of Bangkok’s main landmarks. Despite its 100-meter height and 320 stairs to the top, visitors will find the panoramic view of old town Bangkok worth the climb.
Wat Arun Rajavararam or Wat Chaeng or the Temple of Dawn
The name of the temple is derived from the iridescent reflection from its surface when illuminated by the first morning light. Thus, the best time to be enchanted by the temple’s unforgettable beauty is during sunrise. Furthermore, the temple is noted for its central prang or pagoda, a Khmer-style tower, and the four satellite pagodas, all encrusted with colorful porcelain. The presiding Buddha image is believed to have been cast by King Rama II. The Temple of Dawn, on the Thonburi bank of the Chao Phraya River, offers one of the Bangkok’s most picturesque views and is a must-visit tourist attraction.
Wat Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram or the Marble Temple
The exterior of this temple is built of Carrera marble from Italy, from which it derives its name, whereas the glorious interior of the main assembly hall is constructed with cross beams of lacquered wood and gold. If you have ever wondered about the different styles of Buddha images and would like to learn more about them, the Marble Temple is surely the place to visit as its courtyard exhibits 53 images representing well-known styles from all over Thailand and Asia.
Wat Phra Jetubol Vimonmanglaram Rajavoramahavihara or Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha
Adjacent to the Grand Palace, this temple is celebrated for enshrining the second largest golden Buddha image in Thailand measuring 46 meters in length with the eyes and feet of the image engraved with mother-of-pearl. The Temple of the Reclining Buddha was also the first university in Thailand. In the early days, many fields of knowledge were taught here, Thai massage being the most well-known example. Whether you’d just like to see the beauty of the religious architecture and sculptures, enjoy a strong yet relaxing Thai massage, or even learn massage yourself, Wat Pho should be your destination.
Wat Bowonniwet Vihara Rajavaravihara or Wat Bowon
Located in the Banglampu area near Khao San Road, this temple is a combination of Thai, Chinese, and western architectural styles. A major temple under the patronage of the Chakri Dynasty, Wat Bowon is the place where princes and royal family members are ordained or serve their monkhood, including revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej Maharaj. In addition, Wat Bowon is notable for the relics and ashes of deceased Thai royalty which are kept inside its golden stupa.

/ Shopping

Yaowarat Road or Chinatown
Home to the Chinese community in Bangkok since the early 1780s, Yaowarat Road is now the most expensive location in the city, where a square inch of land is as expensive as gold. This road remains crowded 24-hours a day and is well-known not only for its gold shops and traditional Chinese herbs and medicines, but also for its internationally renowned delicious food and desserts offered in the convenient atmosphere of restaurants or even sold by street vendors. These offerings include dishes such as shark fin, traditional Chinese food, Thai seafood, and bird’s nests. The food served here is so good that many visitors find it worthwhile to sweat in the hot sun just to taste it. Come experience this street that never sleeps, Yaowarat Road.
Woeng Nakorn Kasem Market
Around for more than a century, this market is the oldest and largest market for musical instruments. Also sold here are antiques and traditional style furniture.
Vorajak Market
Vorajak Market is definitely a must-visit destination for car enthusiasts. Here you can get automotive parts and accessories for all kinds of vehicles at a bargain!
Klong Thom Market
Almost everything you can imagine is available at Klong Thom Market. If you’re looking for an electrical appliance for your home, this market should be your destination. If you want a fashionable toy for your kids, this market is the place to go. If you don’t have anything in mind yet, just come here and you’ll surely find something good to bring back.
Sampeng Market
One of Bangkok’s largest wholesale markets, Sampeng offers a wide range of goods from textiles and fashion accessories to toys and stationery. The slight downside of the market, as is typical of any other wholesale market, is that everything is sold as a set of three or more similar items. But taking price into account, this is not really a problem. Another charm of Sampeng Market is that it’s a great place to practice your bargaining skills.
Baan Mor Market
This market is well-known for its jewelry and electronics. As for jewelry, you will be astonished at the exceptionally large number of shops providing a wide range of ready-made items from which you can choose to suit your needs as well as tailor-made services which will fulfill your every request. In regards to electronics, Baan Mor Market has practically everything to offer, from large Internet LED TVs to second-hand black-and-white TVs that are still functional.
Pahurat Cloth Market or Little India
Located next to Chinatown, Pahurat Cloth Market is a wholesale market offering wide collections of fabric, textiles, and clothes. Just as Chinatown is home to the Chinese community in Bangkok, Pahurat Cloth Market is the place where you can get to know more about India as well as its people and culture while strolling by the shops and stalls and getting yourself some Indian herbs, desserts, or music. Some make shopping here a regular habit after visiting Little India just once and falling in love with it.
Saphan Lek Market or the Iron Bridge
This market, the largest for toys in Bangkok, is located on the large metal bridge over Klong Thom or the Thom Canal, from which is gets its name. The shops along the 200-meter aisles of the bridge offer visitors many varieties of toys from remote control toys to BB guns and Playstation 3’s at competitive prices. The market is open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 6 p.m. and closed on Wednesdays.
Banglampu Market
This market is famous for its ready-made clothes, handbags, and shoes. Also worth trying is the traditional Thai food sold here. Once a place only true Bangkokians flocked to, Banglampu Market is now crowded with both locals and travelers.
Pak Klong Talad Market or the Flower Market
This is Thailand’s largest market for flowers where vendors from all over come to buy their stock. The busiest time is between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., when wholesalers come in boats along the Chao Phraya River or in trucks from nearby provinces to sell large quantities of goods. The vendors here are famous for their skills in floral arrangement. No doubt a paradise for flower lovers, the Flower Market is also a place where photographers must visit at least once to sharpen their skills or just to get some scenic pictures to take back home.
Bobae Market or the Clothing Market
This wholesale market for clothes is famous for being the place to go if price is the determining factor, but an order must be placed for at least a dozen items. The market remains very busy all day long.


The National Theatre
The National Theatre is situated next to the National Museum. Mainly shown here are Thai classical dramas as well as featured Khon performances in which performers wear traditional masks resembling gods, giants, monkeys, etc. Probably the most popular drama that both locals and travelers shouldn’t miss is the Ramayana epic. Regular shows include Thai classical dance and music on the last Friday and Saturday of each month.
Thai Boxing
Get your adrenaline pumping with the art of Thai boxing. Before a match starts is the Wai Kru ceremony or the praying dance, followed by the match itself where boxers display the eight moves all skillfully applied to conquer the opponent. These include punching, elbow strikes, kicking, knee strikes, foot thrusts, clinches and neck wrestling, defense against attacks, and feints. Seeing these on TV is nowhere near as exciting as cheering real boxers fighting in the ring amid loud cheers and the accompanying music. Come and feel the excitement of this incomparable martial art - Thai boxing.


Cycling around Rattanakosin Island
Bicycle services for travelers who wish to cycle around Rattanakosin Island are provided at five spots, namely Sanam Luang opposite Wat Phrakaeo, the Tourism Bureau, Pinklao Bridge, Santichaiprakan Park at Lan Khonmuang or the Civic Grounds, and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Visitors will be given a map together with suggestions about interesting routes and tourist attractions.
The Bangkok City Tour Tram
This is a tram tour around Rattanakosin Island led by a speaker who will explain the background and interesting elements of the tourist attractions along the route, such as Sanam Luang, the City Pillar Shrine, Wat Pho, Wat Phrakaeo, the National Museum, and the National Theatre.
Segway Tour
This travel agency will help you to plan how you’d like to discover the treasures and enchantments of the old town Rattanakosin area. With its expertise and highly experienced staff, you can be assured of a first-rate and enjoyable experience while traveling in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand.